I'm Drew Bourrut and I'm here to help...

Since 1990 we have been providing quality solutions to the companies and homes of Long Island. You knew us as Performance Support, Inc. We are now F-One Computer Help.

We develop custom software for your business that works hard so you don't have to. Our typical customer is a service-oriented business with 10 or more staff.

Custom Software

We create custom software to help your business work better. We:

  • Modify existing software to make it work the way you do.
  • Create automation of manual tasks
  • Create full custom solutions to replace existing software so that your business works the way you want rather than the way the software demands you work.
  • Act as an advocate.

    Hardware/Software Support

    We provide full-service on any PC. We troubleshhot your computers and make recommendations that will help your computers perform better. We work at your site but if it has to come to us we provide free pck-up and delivery.

    We provide all sorts of software services from virus, spam, and spyware solutions to solving operating systems and network configuration problems. And we can do it remotely!

    Web site services

    Yes, we design web sites. We provide all web site services and will design your web site for you. You have 12 seconds from the time someone hits your web site to capture their attention. We'll help you do this very cost effectively.

    Long / short-term commitment
    When we take-on a client we agree to be there for the long-term. Yet because of our approach your commitment to us is short-term. If you come to us with a problem and we take it on, we'll solve it. After that you have no more commitment to us unless, of course, you want us to help more.

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    Contact Info

    ph: 631.979.3100
    fax: 631.978.0410
    Email: Drew Bourrut
    Blog: www.psupport.com


    Sep 20, 2009
    We initiate our new web site

    Sep 16, 2009
    We complete our latest web site design for
    Vettco Construction.